About Our Studio

Matador Dance Studio opened on February 7th of 2006 in Glendale, California where it is located today. Grigori, the founder, had just come to the U.S a year before from Armenia. He is an active competitor, instructor and dancer and had aspirations of owning his own studio for a long time.FLM_Image_98.png Since he enjoys the presence of children, he decided to dedicate the studio to working with young adults and children in teaching them what he is most passionate about, Ballroom dance. His main goal is to teach his students the art and meaning of dance, to make them the best that they can possibly be. He is dedicated to not only teaching dance but assisting in children's development and self-discipline. As a graduate of the Teacher Educational University Faculty of Armenia he is well-rounded in not only teaching dance but also mentoring and guiding his students to becoming strong, well-based human beings. The students receive information on how to create quality and strength in their dancing, whether it is a hobby or career choice of theirs. The studio continuously makes effort in progressing the development and forward play in the experience for their students. Many of the students will attend competitions of NDCA organization as well as USABDA, and will participate in annual showcases the studio may hold. The main idea is to give the students the full experience, understanding, and training in the ballroom style of dance.

Privacy Policy

FLM_Image_97.png- Monthly payments are due at the beginning of each month. A late fee of $10.00 applies after the first week of each month.
- Students are required to be in class on time and dressed in spandex or any material clothing that will stretch and is not loose fitting. Boys should tuck in their shirts if not fitted to the contour of their body. Black and/or white color is preferred.
Matador Dance Studio instructors also teach at other studios, in different states and countries under certain circumstances.. Please contact the studio for specifications and details.
Our studio has two floors. Our main floor is 1,500 sq.ft. and our other floor is 800 sq.ft. Take a look at it on youtube.com by
clicking here