Rates & Policies

Our Rates

LATIN                                                                   RATES  

3 x per week                                                                        $150 per month
2 x per week                                                                        $120 per month
1 x per week                                                                        $90   per month
Per Class                                                                               $20   Per Class

HIP-HOP                                                             RATES
2 x per week                                                                       $150 per month
Per Class                                                                              $20    Per Class

ARMENIAN                                                         RATES

2 x per week                                                                       $100 or $120 per month


BALLET                                                              RATES

1 x per week                                                                        $20 per class



NOTE: Please contact the studio for private lessons scheduling and prices

Our Studio Policies Include:

  • Saying hello upon entrance
  • Being friendly and courteous
  • Learning and practicing responsibly
  • Showing respect to instructors, classmates and all studio goers
  • Staying positive

…………..and on a more boring note

We ask that everyone maintain a courteous and respectful attitude towards the studio and its belongings. Maintain a positive learning environment and a clean one. One of our missions is to keep the studio clean and pleasant in as many manners possible.

Special Offers


  • $10 off Latin private lessons when taken
    simultaneously with group classes.
  • Referrals are rewarded!
  • First time Pro/Am competitors only pay $100 to instructor for competition.
  • “-M- Dance” t-shirts are given once registration is completed in studio.