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A class for students new to House, or new to dance altogether. This class focuses on developing students’ foundation of house dance at a pace suitable for beginners. The curriculum will focus on basic rhythm, steps and grooves. Because house is a social dance at its core, aspects of social dancing will also be demonstrated through partner or group exercises. While short combinations of moves may be used for teaching purposes, this is not a “choreography” class.

Our Classes

We hold classes suitable for various ages and abilities in the following pricing packages.

With No Membership

Private One-to-One
Workshops Not Included
Individual Prices
No Membership
1 Hour Session

No Strings Attached

5 Pack 75 min Classes
All Daytime and Morning
Free First Booked Lesson
All 5 class packs
All Valid 30 Days


External Hire Classes
Payable by Direct Debit
NO TIE-INS – Monthly
Be Paid at Reception
No Joining Fee

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